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Danau Tempe, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: Habitat and Biodiversity

By Mashhor Mansor1, and Onrizal1,2

1 School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

2 Forestry Scieces Department, University of Sumatera Utara


Danau Tempe (Tempe Lake) is located in South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Danau Tempe is between from 3o 39’ to 4o 16’ S and from 119o 53’ to 120o 27’ E. Danau Tempe ranges from 9,087 ha (in dry season) to 25,958 ha (in rainy season; expand to Danau Sidenreng) (DKP Wajo, 2005). In normal condition, the area of the Danau Tempe is 13,000 ha.


Map situated the Danau Tempe and Danau Sidenreng in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Note: green and red lines are marked border of lake in dry and rainy seasons. Blue line is river. (Source: DKP Wajo, 2005, @2013 Google, MapIT, GBRMPA for insert).

Danau Tempe is a main source of inland fishes. Local people both traditional and commercial are utilizing the lake water resources. Several rivers are either input or output to the lake, such as Sungai Tancung, Sungai Walanae, Sungai Warong, Sungai Panincong, Sungai Batu-batu, Sungai Bilikka, Sungai Lasiratu and Sungai Sunranae. The water from the lake and river are also used for household needs, paddy field, livestock, electric power and others. The lake is also as a popular nesting and feeding ground for water birds, some are migratory species.

Sedimentation from soil erosion from surrounding catchment areas, result in shallow the lake bottom. Due to the high nutrients inputs, invasive floating plants, such Eichhornia crassipes and Ipomoea aquatic are colonizing the lake surface. This will cause a problem in a sustainability of the lake management.

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